Monday, April 23, 2007

Incoherent Monday morning ramblings

It was a glorious weekend in which Mr. Geeky and I attempted to bring order to our house. We succeeded on some fronts, but we're in that "complete chaos" stage before everything gets reorganized again. We purchased a new bed, moving our old bed into the office to create a guest room. We had to move some things out of the office to make room and we still haven't completely settled on where those things will go. It was definitively decided that we have too much stuff. We are planning an addition to our house (hopefully this summer) that will ease the busting at the seams feeling. This is an older house (nearly 100 years old) that was not meant to hold modern conveniences. We only have a living room and no family room, which wouldn't be a huge thing except there's no wall space. There are three doorways, two windows and a stairway. The tv is wedged into a corner, the only possible corner it can fit in. When the kids want to play DDR, we have to move the coffee table out of the way. So we want a family room. And we want to kids to have some more bedroom space. We'll see how this goes.

The kids were outside much of the weekend except when we went shopping for the new bed. It was a preview of summer when the neighborhood kids run around until dark. You can hear laughing and excited yelling up and down the street as they move from one activity to another. Mr. Geeky and I sat out on the deck for a while, sipping lemonade and then later, beer. The deck will go away when the addition is built, though we may build a new one.

I'm leaving for a trip that I'm very much looking forward to. I'm loading up the iPod with podcasts even though the flight isn't that long. I'm quite behind on a few that I used to listen to with some regularity. I'm looking forward to catching up.