Monday, April 02, 2007

The Home Stretch?

I think that later this afternoon or evening I may be able to announce that I've sent off my dissertation to my committee. I finally finished revisions on the final chapter. I fixed the figures. I spell checked. I double-checked the bibliography and appendices. I'm still working on the conclusion. I'm not sure entirely what to say, so if anyone has any tips about how to end a dissertation, I'd love to hear them. Right now, it's a pretty short conclusion. I guess I just figured I'd said everything already.

Also this week is going to be less busy at work. I'm taking tomorrow off, possibly going to New York with the family or staying home with the kids while Mr. Geeky goes to New York. We haven't decided yet. Later this week, we're traveling to see the in-laws. I haven't been there except for necessary occasions (i.e. funerals) in a long time. I might also see some old friends from grad school days. Some much needed time off sooner than I thought.