Friday, March 09, 2007

March is Boycott the RIAA Month

Ironically, after my last post, I started doing some searching to see what else was going on with this recent RIAA crackdown and I found out that Gizmodo has declared a boycott. They did not suggest the boycott in order to increase downloads or condone illegal downloads, but to point out that you can buy music from non RIAA labels (at eMusic, for example) or go see a show or buy band merchandise, all of which puts more money in the artists' pockets instead of the RIAA's. I did my part by joining eMusic. Check out all the posts at Gizmodo on the RIAA boycott--very informative.

In a separate, but related find, that might interest the politically-minded among you, was Open Congress. I'm following the fair use bill and the new dopa bill. Who knew one day I'd use RSS to track Congress.