Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First Healthy Meal of the Year

Like many others, I'm hoping to get back to some healthier habits in the new year. To help with that, I went through the Cooking Light website and found some recipes I thought would work. They have a handy shopping list too, so that you can send your recipe to the shopping list and voila! instalist. Tonight's meal was this broccoli and cheese soup. I also made a small salad. I think bread would have been a good addition as the meal didn't feel quite filling enough. I'm always hestitant to have bread since I want to eat a lot of it and usually dripping with butter. The soup itself was really tasty, almost buttery. Even Geeky Girl claimed to like it a little, though she did eventually resort to a peanut butter sandwich. I cheated a little and used the full fat version of Velveeta because I couldn't find the light version. That's one thing that I always have to think about when choosing recipes--will I be able to find the ingredients? The stores around here are generally well stocked and there are plenty of specialty stores around as well, but I'm not one to galavant around town finding specialty ingredients for a regular meal. I did actually have my first conversation with a butcher that wasn't just "I need two of those." I'm actually thinking about finding a good butcher nearby (apologies to the vegetarians in the audience). I'm also thinking of joining a CSA, something I wanted to do last year, but thought of it too late in the season. I'm hoping for an adventurous food year!