Monday, January 29, 2007

#$*&@ Figures!

I spent the weekend revising a couple of dissertation chapters. I had hoped to finish both of them, but the second one I was working on had figures and they did not want to stay put. I'm so glad I don't work in a field that requires figures on a regular basis because I'd probably go insane. I'd also probably find a better program to manage my figures. InDesign comes to mind. Most word processing programs can handle the occasional image, but I have something like 20 in this chapter. Okay, maybe just fifteen, but still.

I've also misplaced my camera's connection cable and am having to borrow the school's card reader to do my 365 project. I missed Saturday because basically I was inside staring at a computer screen all day. Sunday, it occurred to me to snap a photo of the screen. I took one when the computer crashed (as a result of rearranging figures), and another one after the documents had been recovered. Luckily, I save often, so I only lost a couple of sentences.

The 365 project has made me realize how much I stick to a routine and similar surroundings every day. Partly, that's due to the dissertation project which has kept me at home inside. Partly, too, it's the weather. I'm not a cold weather person, so I haven't been outside much. By March, I think the outlook will improve. The dissertation will be out of my hands; the weather will be improving; and I'll try to do more interesting things.