Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Am I Getting Anything Done?

I was somewhat successful yesterday although I had to force myself to focus at one point and not check email. As part of my GTD plan, I try to only check email first thing in the morning, around lunch, and just before I leave. But it's sometimes hard to ignore, that little tone that lets me know another message has arrived. I really want to reread the GTD book again. I feel like there are parts of the plan I've forgotten about.

One thing I did that usually works for me was to actually schedule a couple of tasks I had been putting off. I have a lot of semi-ongoing projects that if I don't make time to work on them, I will ignore them. They have no end date and very little impact, but they still have some importance to someone--things like documentation.

Though I managed to stave off panic yesterday, still it sometimes seems like I have way too much to do.