Wednesday, January 17, 2007

95 Emails

Yesterday, I plowed through 95 emails plus taught a workshop, and helped a faculty member work with an excel spreadsheet to update data and make a chart. Most of that email was questions and requests, the most common request right now being to move old course material in Blackboard over to a new course.* I feel like I did a week's worth of work in a day. That's a good thing since I'll be out the rest of the week. I started to feel the energy of the beginning of school which, though hectic, is certainly invigorating.

I'm looking forward to the conference where I hope to have some good conversations and hear some interesting presentations. And there will also be good food and drink.

I'm sure there will be 95 emails waiting for me when I return, but that's okay.

*This is something that people can do themselves, but the same people every year forget and ask me to do it. Or they wait until it's too late to do themselves and the material is only available on DVD.