Saturday, December 09, 2006

Writing, thinking, rewriting

Bleh. I've decided to reorganize this chapter for the third time. I think I like the new direction I'm headed in, but boy, has this whole thing been a slow process. I know that everything I've written so far, while not being used directly, contributes to my thinking about the new direction. It does kind of suck, though, to have written nearly 20 pages of unusable material. I'm sure bits and pieces of it will find their way into the final result. I always find it amusing to look back at old drafts and notice that there is a phrase I kept while everything around it changed.

Tomorrow I need a pretty complete draft of about the first 2/3 done. Next week I have to do a little more reading and then write the rest of it when that's done. It definitely feels like one step forward, two steps back at this point. But I'll get it done. I have to.

On the plus side, we got the hole in our house fixed--no more squirrels! And we got some Christmas shopping done. I also switched to the new Googlized Blogger. Once the chapter's done, I'm going to redecorate a bit around here. Yay!

Okay--I couldn't resist a little playing around.

Gah! Reverted back--no Haloscan--pooey!