Saturday, December 23, 2006

Plan of action

We have our big holiday meal on Christmas Eve so today is a day to get ready. I'll be doing a little rushing around, all in preparation for relaxing and doing nothing for a couple of days. The menu for the meal is:
  • roast
  • baked asparagus with cheese
  • glazed carrots
  • sweet potato biscuits
  • hot fudge brownie pie
So, I'm going to make a few things ahead of time and then be ready for a delicious meal and a relaxing evening. Here's what I need to do:
  • buy a roast (I bought a cheap one and have decided it won't do for Xmas Eve so I'm going to get a better one. I'll use the other one later.)
  • buy champagne
  • make Christmas cookies with Geeky Kids (we've made two batches of cookies already, one is already gone)
  • make the hot fudge brownie pie
  • maybe make some other chocolate thing. I have leftover chocolate.
  • watch marathon of Christmas specials
It will be busy, but fun. I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend and holiday.