Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blogging pseudonomously

PPB posted something interesting today about why she blogs under a pseudonym and other interesting blogging tidbits. There are times when I wish I had maintained my pseudonym. There are things I'd like to blog about but feel that I can't because my blog is attached to my real name. It's not that I want to say mean things about people or anything like that, but sometimes I'd like to be able to write about situations and get advice from the wise people of the blog world. I really enjoy reading other people's teaching conundrums and institutional quandaries. They're often similar to things I've experienced and it's interesting and quite helpful to see how people have handled these issues. Sometimes I've had situations that have resolved successfully and I wish I could share that success. I wish, too, I could share my burdens at times. As PPB says, this is not a "pretend reality" for me. Sure, I have friends out here in the real world, but I value the opinion of my friends in the blog world too. It'd be hard to go underground now, but sometimes I wish I could.