Thursday, October 12, 2006


This evening I'm heading off to my high school reunion (the 20th). Shockingly, I did not buy anything new or go get a haircut or anything like that. I'll get to see this person and I checked the list and there are quite a few people who say they're coming that I'm looking forward to seeing. Which is weird. I was so ready to leave high school when I left for college. I was bored with pretty much everyone and was ready to leave them behind. I'll admit that when I came back from college over various holidays, I was a little jealous of people who were obviously keeping up with each other, visiting each other on weekends, going on road trips together, etc. I was too far away for anyone to keep up with.

I think I'm so far away from high school now that I don't really care anymore. I sort of vaguely remember going to my 10th and vaguely remember it being held at a venue where we used to have dances all the time and feeling like I'd been transported back to that time and place. I don't think that will happen this time.

Also, I think I'm looking forward to it because I really need the break. I need to escape for a while. My dad and stepmom are keeping the kids and we'll be staying in a hotel one night, so it will be a nice retreat for me and Mr. Geeky. We haven't had a night out since school started. I start to get a little antsy when that happens.

And I think the kids need a little break too. It's been go, go, go around here for all of us, so I think some good downtime is in order.

I'll be reporting back, of course. Let's just hope this doesn't happen again.