Friday, September 01, 2006

Geeking out on a Friday night

I'm under the weather today with a mystery disease (more as I know more; it's nothing serious). Mr. Geeky went to a movie I didn't want to see (and didn't feel up to it anyway) and so I was reading through the Teaching Carnival. It's awesome. I, of course, gravitated to the technology section, which eventually (through a journey of discovery) led me to this post about various tools for classroom blogging. And so I ended up trying out Flock. And, well, in a word, I'm in love. Seriously, it's like really cool. I'm sure the love will fade after the honeymoon, but right now I think it's wonderful. I've been reading about it for a while and many people have been singing their praises, but installing a new browser hasn't been at the top of my list. But on a rainy Friday, it's the perfect thing to do.

So what's so cool about it? Built in RSS reader with a very nice interface. Fully integrated with other Web 2.0 goodies, like Flickr,, and Technorati. Built in blogging tool (which I'm using right this second). I mean, I have a little Flickr band with pictures of my kids that I can scroll through. How cool is that?

I live in my web browser. Shouldn't it make me this happy?

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