Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Readjustment period

We're in the transition period, from vacation to school. I, of course, had to jump right in less than 24 hours after our return. The kids and Mr. Geeky get a slower transition. But it's a little rough going. The kids have shared a room for the last two weeks, had people around to play with, and have generally received all kinds of attention from all kinds of people. They've stayed up late, slept in late and generally had the kind of vacation we should all wish for. But now, they have to transition back to their own beds, shift to an earlier bedtime, an earlier waking time. It's hard on all of us really, but Geeky Girl is taking it the roughest of all. By 8, she's obviously exhausted, but refuses to go to bed, so we hold off until 8:30, but she manages to delay until 9. Tonight, I was insistent, shuffling her off at 8:35 and reading to her until a little after 9. I started moving Geeky Boy towards bed. As I settled in front of the computer to check in with some blogs before I, too, collapse into bed, I heard the crying, the kind of gasping crying I remember doing myself when I was tired and upset. Geeky Girl saw a commercial, she says, and it was scary and what she really needs is to sleep in someone's bed. I don't fall for this. I tuck her in gently, offer a stuffed animal and assure her that Geeky Boy is across the hall. She's still a little restless, but the crying has stopped and she's settled in a bit.

It's funny how we, as adults, have difficulty with transitions as well, but we internalize them. We complain to our spouse, our friends, and just muddle through. Kids, though, let it all hang out. Geeky Girl's protests are simply her way of saying, "Hey, I was having fun on my vacation. I liked sharing a room and spending time with my family. What do you mean I have to go to bed early and find ways of entertaining myself?" It will pass, but it sure brings home my own transition difficulty.

N.B.: This is my 1001 post. Wow! I never thought I'd write this much.