Tuesday, July 25, 2006


BlogHer is right around the corner. One more day of work and then I take off. I have a few projects to tie up before I go and then I'm ready to have fun and maybe learn some stuff. Here's what I'm looking forward to.

Meeting People

First and foremost, I'm looking forward to meeting other bloggers. I'll be seeing Julie and Dr. Free-Ride on Friday for dinner. I'm very much looking forward to it. What could be more fun than spending some time with some smart, geeky women! I'm reading Dr. Free-Ride's series on Family and Academia right now. Very much enjoying it. Friday morning, I'll be meeting my co-presenters for the first time, Barbara S. and Barbara G. They're both doing some really cool things with technology and education and I'm looking forward to hearing their ideas and to just chatting with them and sharing experiences. We've already done this a little by phone and email, but it'll be great to do this face-to-face.

I think Lisa V. is going? And Mary Tsao will be there. Anyone else?

Learning stuff

I'm actually looking forward to learning a few new technical tricks. I'm sure I could figure out more on my own if I wanted to. It's just nice to have someone show you cool stuff. I'm looking forward to my own session, which is supposed to be like a conversation. I'm interested in hearing what other people think about blogging and education. And I also like hearing about new stuff in general, whether it's about the business of blogging or how to write better or whatever. And, of course, there's as much to learn in the informal conversations in the hallway as there is in the formal sessions.

Being in Calfornia

Although I won't have much time for site seeing, I haven't been to California in about 15 years. I'm looking forward to seeing the west coast again.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about "separatist" conferences. Then again, I'm at an all women's college and I feel there's value in that. I'm curious to see what a conference that's probably skewed in the opposite gender direction from what I'm used to is like. I know I felt a bit unnerved at SXSW by the predominance of men at the conference. Not intimidated really. Just surprised. Though many of the techie conferences I've been to related to education do skew a little male (especially in the presentations), they're not so overwhelmingly skewed that it's all that noticeable (unless, like me, you always notice these things). I know SXSW is making a concerted effort to diversify its presenters and attendees, but I also know the tech world has its pockets of major maleness. So, I'm just looking forward to it in a kind of anthropological/ethnographic way, too. I'm a people-watcher by nature. I'm sure I'll be reporting my findings here.