Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogher: sushi report

So Julie came and kidnapped me and took me to meet Janet for sushi. First, I recognized her immediately. She looks a little like her gravatar and as I told her later, she looks like she writes. Don't know how to explain that. She just does. Second, and most important, I felt like we were old friends immediately. On the ride over, we chatted about various things, life plans and whatnot.

Then, we had to wait just a bit for Janet. We ordered beer, planning to drink until Janet arrived, but I think Janet got there before the beer did. We had issues with this all evening. I'll let Julie and Janet do a hardcore review. The sushi was great. I warned Julie, though, that I eat like a bird. I don't think she believed me until we got to the last few pieces of sashimi.

Janet felt like an old friend too. The three of us talked and talked. There was never a lull in conversation. Why can't all my blog friends live near me? Boo.

I get to see Julie again today. Today's schedule looks a little more appealing but many of the sessions I want to see actually coincide with mine. Sigh. I'll report back later.