Thursday, June 01, 2006

A snoozing meme

1. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up? Yes.
2. What time does your alarm go off? 6:30
3. What sound does it make? I wake up to NPR.
4. Do you hit the snooze button? How many times? At least once and sometimes twice.
5. If you have a partner, do they have a separate alarm? Yes, but he never uses it. I wake him up. If he has an early meeting, he'll use his alarm.
6. Does your partner get up at the same time, earlier or later? Later.
7. Is your clock set ahead? If so, by how much? I have my clock set ahead by 15 minutes. When the alarms goes off at 6:30, it's really 6:15.
8. What's the first thing you do when you get up? Drink coffee and read blogs.
9. Do you eat breakfast? If so, what? Sometimes. Cereal, an english muffin, or a pop tart.
10. How long does it take you to get ready? I can get ready in 30-45 minutes.
11. On the weekends, what time do you get up? 7:30 or 8
12. Do you lounge or do you jump into action? Lounge for about an hour, then start working on the dissertation.
13. In an ideal world, what time would you get up? No earlier than 8.
14. How many hours of sleep do you typically get? 7
15. How many hours of sleep do you want to get? 8 or more.