Saturday, June 03, 2006

No whoring today

I need more creepy Google searches because the "mom son sex" ones aren't creepy enough for me. My only hope is that the people that land here via some search like that actually learn something. I know, probably not.

Today's agenda is revision and some administrivia. I've received, as I alluded to earlier, feedback from my advisor about chapter 1. I just went through the chapter myself right before reading the feedback and boy howdy, does it need some work. But, I got some wonderful suggestions from my advisor and coupled with a some of my own thoughts about what to do with this thing, I think I'm headed toward a decent revision. I have some IRB stuff to send off, some hours to register for and some more paperwork to send away. The paperwork freaks me out. I have this fear that some random piece of paper will be missing and I won't be able to get my degree after all this work.

Last night, we had a mondo storm and the power was knocked out, leaving me with two kids in my bed. My back is in some pretty serious pain after sitting in a bad chair last weekend, so I didn't really sleep well. That means I'm not in the greatest of shape to be working on this revision, but I'm going to give it the old college try. I also have to get to the grocery store (with the kids in tow).

What I'd rather be doing today? Lying on the couch watching bad tv. Sigh. But I think I will reward myself with such extravagance if I get my work done. I have to trick myself like this all the time.