Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kicking off a campaign of hope

First, I must allay any fears that I am on the verge of some kind of breakdown. I'm not. My life is stressful and I'm working through a lot of that at the moment.

Senator Hillary ClintonSecond, I'm getting myself more and more involved in local politics. Yesterday, I went a rally for Ed Rendell, who's running for re-election as the Governor of PA. This was a "Women for Rendell" campaign and so much of the rhetoric was geared toward the issues women are mostly interested in--choice, health care, education. In attendance were all our women representatives at various levels of government. In this picture special guest Hillary Clinton are Lois Murphy, running for Congress in the 6th district and our state senator Connie Williams. Allyson Schwartz was also there as well as Kate Michelman from NARAL.

Joe Sestak speakingI attended an event for Joe Sestak a couple of weeks ago who's running for congress against Curt Weldon. Both of these events were quite inspiring. The democrats have a pretty good message. They want to take this country from a state of fear to a state of hope. They believe in helping people, providing health care, increasing the minimum wage, helping families balance their lives. I'm not just crossing my fingers. I'm helping them get where they need to be in whatever way I can. I really want to see our country in a better place. I feel like we've been driven into the ground by what the republicans have done. I think, no matter what, the democrats can do better. They may not be perfect, but they're on the right track.