Monday, May 01, 2006

Why I hate the MSM

I spend part of every Sunday watching This Week and Reliable Sources. Before I watch, I've usually spent some time among the blogs and get a general sense of what's been going on in the world. My main reason for hating the MSM is that they think I'm stupid and have no other news options. And, of course I'm not stupid, but I'm thinking of the many, many people who also aren't stupid but who still only watch the evening news and think they've learned everything they need to know about what's going on in the world.

Let's take the Correspondents' Dinner as one small innocuous example. I spent about 20 minutes reading blogs before starting on the dissertation. Stephen Colbert's performance during the dinner was everywhere. Even in the MSM itself (The Boston Globe). On This Week and on the evening news (NBC), all they covered was the stunt double Bush brought with him. Of course, Colbert was critical of the MSM itself and so they weren't about to show that. But if they leave that out, what else are they leaving out. Example: I don't think anyone covered the march that Ianqui went to.

And one of my favorite moments during the evening news was when they did a report on United 93 (an extensive report) and then afterwards, they reminded us that their parent company has a financial investment in the movie. Please!

And George Will, good grief, drives me crazy. So smug in his cushy job.

Another thing not mentioned. This $100 tax rebate on account of gas prices. That's about a week's worth of gas. Yippee. And will no one mention that the people this hurts the most are often people in areas without public transportation. They have no choice but to drive to their jobs. Maybe carpooling will become fashionable again. No one's talking about ways to conserve, just the oil company profits, the politicians' stupid proposals, etc.

I just wish the MSM wouldn't filter so much and dumb everything down and leave out the obvious. We're never going to get anywhere if they keep up the soft shoe act. I'm with Colbert on this one. This whole mess we're in is as much the MSM's fault as it is the President's.

Update: I'm not the only one who noticed the silence about Colbert.