Sunday, May 21, 2006

What to do on a Sunny Sunday

I spent almost all of yesterday working, first at the library and then at the coffee shop. It was a total of about 5 hours, followed by an hour-long trip to the grocery store. I am debating about whether and/or when to work today. I set up a rubric for going through my mass amounts of data and I want to test it out. Geeky Boy has a friend coming over in a couple of hours and there's a lacrosse game at 4:00 in a far away place. The lacrosse game will probably be rained out, which is hard to believe looking at the sky right now, but assures me it will be raining by one.

(I'll admit, I find the lacrosse thing annoying. There's practice twice a week and the games are not always nearby. Soccer is much more manageable. Practice once a week. Games always nearby. But Geeky Boy loves lacrosse, so well, there ya go.)

So, I'm sitting here still in my jammies, thinking that in just a couple of hours, the house will be noisy and hard to work in and wouldn't it be just fine if I waited and worked this evening? Yes, I think it would. That could get me started on a pattern of working every night next week, something I think I could manage quite nicely. That way, I could spend what little sunny time is left today puttering around in the yard. Rationalization is such a great thing.