Monday, May 15, 2006

TV, Politics and More

Yesterday, I indulged in really bad things. Hey, it was my day, I deserved it. First, we went to Cracker Barrel where I ate an enormous amount of food, enough to make this one proud. Then we swung by a book store where I considered getting a tome of quality and instead got the book pictured below. I like comics; I can't help myself. After a bath where I read through half of said book, I spent some quality time on the computer. I actually worked on a web site that I don't have time to work on at work. It wasn't really like work and I had fun and learned a lot.

When Mr. Geeky returned from graduation, he made dinner and we planned our evening of sloth. First the pilot of West Wing, then the Simpsons "Monkey Suit," followed by the West Wing finale. Though the Simpsons episode was funny, I was disappointed, they didn't make more of the whole separation of church and state thing. Instead, they made it seem like if you believed in evolution, you can't believe in G-d. I thought it would be easy for creationists to find a win in that episode. Looks like PZ was equally unimpressed.

West Wing was a nice indulgent fantasy about having leaders who are smart and who care. Sigh. Tomorrow, by the way, is our primary here in PA. There seems to be a decent amount of opposition to Bob Casey, so if you're a PA resident, I'd encourage you to consider your options. I, myself, will be voting for Chuck Pennacchio. I'm currently extraordinarily depressed by the political situation. Over the weekend, I overheard this in a shoe store:

"Do you care that Verizon is going through our records?"
(inaudable response)
"I don't. I think it's the right thing to do."

I swear. I think some people deserve to be dragged off to the gulag. Mr. Geeky and I are trying to find a way to sign up with Qwest. I wrote my phone companies a long time ago, when this whole thing started. I hope they get their asses sued.

If you have a primary tomorrow, go vote. The 2006 elections can't come soon enough in my book.