Sunday, May 28, 2006

New phones

Well, we did it. We got new phones. It ended up being cheaper than the deals I was finding online and it's going to be cheaper per month. We called Sprint before we left and they didn't want to offer us anything. Sad.

So we switched to Cingular and so far so good. We got these phones. Mine's pink. Mr. Geeky's is black. I thought about getting a more neutral color, but I like bright colors. My first phone was red. I wish they made purple.

We did okay in terms of buying blue but not great. In terms of our spending, cell phones don't amount to much. I'm looking at switching my spending on other things. Groceries is going to be the hardest. Both of the area grocery stores are seriously red. I could shop at Trader Joe's or there's another local chain that isn't bad, but it's far away.

In trying to find alternatives, I've realized that corporations are generally red-friendly because the Republicans tend to give them tax breaks and help them oppose unions and other fair labor practices. Basically, I can't buy anything from these people. I'm going to have to resort to making everything myself. Sigh.