Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meeting the Scribbler-Blue family (sans Mr. Blue)

Phantom has, of course, blogged the whole thing already. But she didn't explain how wonderful her kids are. I mean, the walk *was* pretty long and up hills. She also didn't tell you that LG and Baby Blue held hands much of the time, which was the cutest thing ever.

Her kids are as articulate as she depicts them on her blog. Hmmm. Wonder where that comes from? We briefly discussed our storage issues in saving up for the apocolypse. Here, we have gone through all of our water, using it instead for soccer games and such. I freely admitted, too, that I was somewhat lazy and sometimes didn't feel like hauling water from the grocery store. Phantom admitted that her storage area is her guest room which can be problematic in terms of having guests.

I can't even think about what else we talked about. I tried to get information out of LG when Phantom was retrieving napkins, but he kind of looked sideways at me. You could tell he wanted to talk but also felt he needed Mama there to make sure it was okay.

Phantom is wonderful and nice and kind and I felt right at home immediately. I recognized her immediately too. I do hope she and the family might be able to make it to my neck of the woods sometime.

It was touch and go as to whether I'd make it home. My ride to the airport was late. Traffic was bad. Then, the security people wouldn't let me through. My driver's license was expired. Which I knew and have sent in the paper work for a new one, but had completely forgotten about. I had to walk back down to the ticket area and get "reprocessed." My flight was supposed to leave in 35 minutes. The nice airline agents walked me through security themselves. They had to vouch for me. I offered to be searched, but instead they let me skip to the front of the line. So it worked out in the end. Here's a hint though: make sure your id is up to date before you leave. I could have brought my passport (which isn't expired) and I wouldn't have had to go through all that.

It was a nice trip and I'm so glad I got to mix a little fun into the whole thing by hanging out with Phantom, et. al.