Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long week's journey

I'd say long day's journey into night, but I don't want to imply there's alcohol involved. Today begins the summer multimedia program that I organize and lead. This week is boot camp for the students. We give them a foundation of information and then, by working on real projects, they continue learning the specifics of the multimedia applications that apply to their projects.

The program is fun and quite successful, but the first two weeks are always long. Teaching for 7 hours a day is hard and then the second week, there are always a million questions.

I'm also planning to squeeze in some work on the dissertation this week. I got part of my methodology section written and I'm hoping to work on some revsions of chapter 1 as well as take care of some paperwork stuff. It's coming along and I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel--weird, even though it's six months away!

I'm ever so glad I took an extra day off this weekend. I needed the rest. Unfortunately, I've also hurt my back from sitting in a bad chair for several hours at a time. I tossed and turned a bit last night because of this. I'll be standing most of today and that definitely feels better than sitting, but I have a feeling, I'll need a hot bath when I get home.