Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Random Links

Harry at Crooked Timber, writes about a book on parenting. I would say, a controversial book on parenting. It's worth reading the comments as well. I don't have time for a reasoned response.

I love it when someone else does my work for me. Barbara Ganley has a wonderful post about "these kids today." This is what my presentation was about yesterday. Barbara says a lot of what I said yesterday. After listening to two people lament how the online world was harmful, I began by saying, "What kids are doing online is a positive force in their lives and we, as older people, need to recognize that and help them through the negative aspects without being fearful of it and rejecting it out of hand." Go read Barbara; she and I are really on the same plane today.

Okay, so two random links. Sue me. I need a shower.