Monday, May 22, 2006

The fog seems to be lifting

I made a conscious effort not to worry and to think about the things that are good. It helped. Here's some highlights:
  • I launched a site redesign I had been working on even though it still has a few kinks and imperfections. I wanted to get it up and going and work out the kinks over the next week or so.
  • I talked through some of my data issues with a colleague at work who specializes in such things. He's going to help me crunch some numbers and keep all this data straight (and hopefully wow my dissertation readers).
  • I ate some peeps that came straight from the peeps factory. One of the faculty that I work with regularly brought them to me, along with a large selection of Mike and Ike's, made by the same people.
  • I dyed my hair and took a bath while reading Vanity Fair.
  • I ate Fairly Odd Parents Mac and Cheese. Ah. Comfort Food.
Sometimes it's the little things we have to focus on. What little things made you smile today?