Monday, March 20, 2006

Tricking myself into working

It's the first day of spring, but completely freezing. I think they're calling for snow later this week. I had an exhilerating day at work today. A day in which I watched my boss be the best boss I've ever seen her be. Seriously, it was kind of cool. I also got to work on lots of different things--video, podcasting, screencasting, and some web conferencing. Kind of cool.

I also went to a professor's house to help them with a computer thing. Don't let that get out. (Ha!) It's a long story but believe me, it made sense. On the way to her house, my phone rang. It was my dad, but I ignored it and then when I called him back, it turned out he had a technical question. I was unsuccessful at helping either the professor or my dad. Both were hardware issues. Things were broken.

So anyway, I got home, and I was a little wound up and had my head in these technical things and was thinking, man it's cold outside; I don't want to go to the coffee shop and work and besides it's just going to make me think about the irb issues I'm having. So I decided I'd take a bath and read at least one article and then try to get through two more in addition to doing a search for some more to read tomorrow. I decided I would work until 10:00 or through the 3rd article, whichever came first. I swear I was like a kid, telling myself I just had a few more minutes or a few more pages or whatever. And it wasn't like I wasn't interested in what I was reading. I was. It's just that there were so many other things that seemed so appealing--tv or hanging with the kids or eating more chocolate.

How do you all trick yourself into working when you just don't feel like it? Does it work?