Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Monday thoughts

  • Someone I'm related to is pregnant again. She's due in November. She currently has a 2 year old and 7 month old twins. When the new kid arrives, she'll have a nearly 3 year old, twin 1 year olds and a newborn. Am I the only one who thinks she's insane?
  • I have no desire to go to work, not because I don't want to work, but just because.
  • I'm back on the nutrition train, thanks to Cooking Light. I'd completely lost my desire to cook, but I'm back again.
  • Mr. Geeky leaves today for another trip. I leave Friday for another trip. Jane, stop this crazy thing.
  • Tonight I'll be single-parenting and must squeeze in laundry, dinner, and writing of chapter 1.
  • I really just want to go to Aruba and lie on the beach.