Friday, March 24, 2006

NOW backs Sandals

I reported this a while back, but have now seen it in a MSM outlet. NOW is officially backing Alan Sandals. And I say good for them. I wish I had a boatload of money to give them. Here's the thing I was thinking about when I read that article. Here we are with Rick Santorum, who is not necessarily the most popular Senator on the planet. Moderates are a little sickened by some of his extreme views. Rather than take advantage of that, and run someone who is truly the opposite of Santorum, the democrats go and run Bob Casey. As Sandals himself said, the Democratic Party's embrace of Mr. Casey was based on the "foolish belief that Democrats could win only if they began to impersonate Republicans."

I imagined myself arguing with my neighbor, who supports Casey. And I would tell her, look, abortion rights are too important to me to support Casey. What happens if a bill like the one in South Dakota comes up before the Senate? Does Casey support it? I think he does. And then I think, my daughter's life is in danger. Hell, my life might be in danger. And what happens if another Teri Schiavo thing happens? Unfortunately, I think he's in there with Bill Frist and the lot. I'm sorry, but that's Republican stuff, not Democrats. You can't give up your principles for politics. At least I can't.