Monday, March 13, 2006

Living in the Internet World

I don't think my observations from yesterday have entirely changed, but I'm sitting here watching this guy talk to some of his friends about the panel that I watched him in this morning. And yesterday, I watched this guy and this woman and then saw the guy walk right past me. It's kind of cool that I know who these people are.

But there's the Internet and then there's the Interweb. The thing is, most of the blogs and other sites are tech oriented. What do you do if you're just a geeky mom writing about the intersection of politics, childrearing, technology and your life? [Okay, side note: this guy is now standing in front of me. And note, they're all guys.] Do I put a value on that? I think I live in the Interweb (not the internets). I'm here to connect to people, not to push product or content or brand my site or whatever. I just like doing this. It saves me from the frustrations of my day job. I do believe that the Internet and the Interweb and stuff is pretty cool. And yeah, it might be cool to make a living doing this, but I think I want to be more thoughtful about it than that.

I also believe, as my last post indicated, that education needs to catch up a little bit to this world. I just don't know how long I can fight that fight.