Sunday, February 05, 2006

There's my tinfoil hat

I wondered where it was.

Successfully sent off a letter to Specter and to Sprint. Verizon, however, was unsuccessful. I kept receiving error messages. I'm thinking they don't have the capability to participate in any wiretapping program if they can't accept a simple email. I'm going to make another attempt tomorrow. I might have to resort to snail mail.

By the way, I read through the privacy policies on both sites and they both say that they will not disclose my personal information, including phone records, unless subpoenaed or by court order. Well, there is no court order for the NSA wiretapping program, so its possible that if these companies are participating, then they're in violation of their customer agreements. That's one of the issues involved in the EFF suit as well.

Update: Apparently, Mr. Specter got some balls. We'll see if he keeps them during the hearing. If you're so inclined, email him.