Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The terrorists won

I didn't listen to the SOTU, but I read summaries and listened to the coverage of it on NPR this morning. If the terrorists' goal is to terrorize us, they've done it. We've lost some of our freedoms and this administration is constantly telling us we should be afraid of them. Of course, this administration thinks the terrorists haven't won because we're not all dead yet and/or we haven't surrendered. That's because they think it's a "traditional" war scenario. They keep telling us we're at war. We're not at war. No official declaration of war has been made. And yet, I feel war weary. The war, however, is not against people "over there." It's against us and our liberties. In that war too, I feel defeated. Soon, I will lose the battle of control over my own body. I've already lost my right to privacy. I could lose the freedom to move about the country or the world. Bush, you win. Yay for you. In winning, you've destroyed my country. Thanks.