Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scary Moments

So yesterday, I was sick. I felt especially yucky in the morning, so just before lunch, I decided a hot bath was in order. Unable to completely relax, I took a dissertation book in with me. I left the hearing on downstairs so I could hear various senators' and Alberto Gonzales' voices drifting under the crack in the door. Mr. Geeky was in his office, getting ready to leave. I could hear him typing and shuffling papers. About 10 minutes into my bath, he yelled through the door that he was leaving.

I read a couple of chapters of my book. Then I got ready to get out. As I was letting the water out, I thought I heard noises downstairs. Squirrels on the back porch, I thought. Then as I was drying off, the noises became more distinct. They sounded like footsteps. I wrapped the towel around me tightly and stepped quietly to the crack in the door to listen. Yes, definitely footsteps. Someone was in the house! I glanced at the table in the hallway. There was a flashlight there, but it wasn't heavy enough to do any real damage. Should I call out? Maybe it was a neighbor or a kid. What if it's a huge guy, though? Then he'd come racing upstairs and do me in.

The bedroom door wasn't far away. I dashed quietly across the hall into the bedroom and tried to close the door quietly, but it wouldn't close. I opted for slamming it and locking it quickly. As I was reaching for the phone to call 911, I heard

I paused.
"I'm still here."
I opened the door. "You scared the crap out of me. I was just about to call 911."
Mr. Geeky laughed.
"I thought there was a huge man downstairs."
"Well, there was."
"Yeah, right."
"What was your plan?"
"I was gonna get the phone, hide in the other bathroom and call 911. I figured if the guy had to bust down two doors instead of one, the police might get here before he got me."
"You'd be dead." He shrugged. "But it was the right thing to do, I guess."