Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random bullets of crap

  • First, thanks to Ianqui for coining the "Random Bullets of Crap" title. Some days, it's the best thing going for me.
  • Thank FSM for mothers like this and damn, I wish I'd seen the interview with Felicity Huffman (via mc).
  • Man, I hate seeing people's books along their sidebars and knowing I don't have time to read them. Don't get me wrong. I'm actually really enjoying most of my dissertation reading (sick, I know). But I long to read some of those books. Some of them are just calling my name.
  • Keeping children clothed costs a buttload of money. I just plopped down a buttload for new shoes, a pair of jeans, a jacket and a couple of shirts. And we're talking discount store here. And we're talking waiting until the shoes are torn and frayed and the jeans are worse than Irkle's.
  • I had a great day at work today. Really. I decided to take take a walk past all the offices in one building and poke my head in and say hello to people. One guy I saw was teaching a seminar and he left his seminar and chased me down the hall so he could show me something. Another woman had her office door cracked and it was someone who hadn't emailed me back about something and I knew needed help. I spent ten minutes helping her do something. That felt really good. And there were positive vibes everywhere.
  • I am headed back to Grad School city later this month to meet with the dissertation committee. I thought maybe they wanted to grill me, so I asked what I should be prepared for. My committee chair said, basically, this is for you. Tell us what we can do to help. We may have questions, but you should ask us questions too. Even though I know they may have some hard questions for me, I can't tell you how good this makes me feel. It also helps to have support locally too.
  • My mom called me cosmopolitan. It was pretty funny. She called to ask advice about a trip to DC. It was nice to be able to help. She also ranted on Bush for a bit. :)
  • Mr. Geeky now has my illness. He's watching the Nova on bogpeople.