Friday, February 03, 2006

More science-y poetry

The Origin
(for Mr. Geeky)

When I think of you, I want to eat grapes,
Seedless grapes I cap pop in my mouth,
And feel the juice explode against the walls
Of my cheeks, imagine we swim in a pool blue
As the summer sky, and dance naked in clouds,
The way we might in snow if it weren't so cold.
Fish know only water gliding over scales,
But cold like folds of satin it drapes our bodies
In sapphire, clings to us after we emerge,
Glistening in sunlight. How can I tell you
My vision? Could I open a door, invite
You in? Could I give it like an egg nestled
In my hand? Before I met you, I felt
Insane. I lay in fields with my cat dreams,
With everything going in slow motion.
And back in my room I wanted to lay flat,
Stretch myself thin, become part of the floor.
Now you tell me my heart is your origin,
My arms the x axis, my torso, legs the y.
So I can stretch now into infinity;
The lines of all my desires like asymptotes
Are reaching for something never attainable.
But Love, I cannot make my dream a line.
I might make it a sphere or cylinder,
A kaleidoscope, an iris blooming, a bird
Just hatched. It's a secret I whisper to you.
Just think of the way I lie, my arms outstretched,
An axis. Just think of grapes, blue pools, white clouds.
Lean close. Hold out your arms.