Sunday, February 19, 2006

Local politics

I've just returned from a rally mostly for Lois Murphy, running for the 6th Congressional District, and Joe Sestak, running in my district, the 7th. One thing that's interesting about being involved in local politics is realizing that these people are human beings who are not perfect. After both Lois and Joe gave brief speeches, Ed Rendell took the stage. He reframed the debate in some interesting ways. For example, he spoke of seeing spending as investment. He also talked about the immorality of pro-lifers who claim to value human life but then cut funding for WIC, for Medicaid, for education. Say what will about Rendell, he is a good speaker.

I couldn't find the camera before I left, but I think I saw the back of Eric's head as he was snapping a photo of Rendell.

Update: It appears Atrios was there.