Thursday, February 23, 2006

Junior mythbuster

I'm working on a technology post, but wanted to do a short kid post. Around here, we're big Mythbusters fans. We have a long tradition in our house of researching urban myths. Geeky Boy gained fame in his school for speaking up when a teacher tried to foist off an urban legend as true. She was doing it on purpose to get the kids to learn to question things and Geeky Boy was the only one who spoke up. That's my boy!

So tonight, I let him stay up a little past his bedtime to watch the rest of a Mythbusters episode. Afterwards, I settled into bed with the laptop and Geeky Boy, I thought, was settled into his own bed. Then I heard him galloping down the stairs. He zipped into my room, into the bathroom.

"Geeky Boy," I said, "Are you okay?" I was thinking he might be coming down with the stomach flu or something.
"Yeah," he said, poking his head around the corner, "I'm doing an experiment."
Then he came completely out of the bathroom, put his hands on his hips and said, "I'm becoming a Junior Mythbuster."

There are two paper boats in my sink, one made out of regular typing paper and one made out of construction paper. He's testing to see which one sinks first. He thinks it'll be the regular paper one. What do you think?

Update: The typing paper boat sunk first. It was completely underwater this morning while the construction paper boat was still afloat.