Friday, February 17, 2006

Dilemmas faced by parents who work at home

  • Should I work on chapter 2 of the dissertation or go to the grocery store? It's true we only have peanut m&m's and coke to eat, but it's also true that I'll be a little behind on my (self-imposed) schedule.
  • Should I organize my office so I know where my books and articles actually are or should I do a load of laundry? It's true that Geeky Boy has taken to digging through the baskets searching for anything remotely clean, but it's also true that I need to start thinking about the next chapter and to do that, I need to collect everything.
  • If I go to the grocery store, should I buy stuff that's good for us or stuff that's easy to make (note that I'm not a skilled enough cook that easy and good for you are one in the same)? It's true that lately we've been surviving on pasta and pizza, but it's also true that I'm feeling lazy and we're all blessed with good metabolism.
Update: Decided I could squeeze one more pasta meal out of the ingredients in the cabinet. Ordered groceries online. Now I can focus on the dissertation tomorrow. Aren't rationalizations grand?