Saturday, February 25, 2006


Traveling and hanging out in airports and train stations is such a weird thing. I really think Bitch, Ph.D. is on to something with her idea that we should focus on public transportation as a way to solve all kinds of other problems. One is forced into close contact with all kinds of people you wouldn't normally be. Some of those people are, unfortunately, annoying. Why, why do people talk really loudly on their cell phones about their personal lives? I mean, I can understand checking in with relatives and friends who might be meeting you at your destination, but going on and on about your life while the rest of us are forced to listen to you--sheesh. The woman behind me on the plane was doing this and she was talking about something in Philly and couldn't remember something about it. The girl next to me turned around and answered her question. As if that's not hint enough that her conversation was a little loud. But no, it went on for a while longer. I miss my iPod.

I was thinking as I was landing that the last time I was in Chicago was on my way to Philly to live there. But then as I was wandering the corridors, I realized I'd been here shortly after we moved, on my to Grad School City and I think I've passed through before not that long ago. My trip on my way to Philly was memorable because I was stuck here for about 20 hours. I had flown into O'Hare from London after spending 4 weeks there. Mr. Geeky had arranged all of our stuff to be moved to Philly, spent a couple of weeks there getting somewhat settled and then drove back to Indianapolis to meet me and we were all planning to drive to Philly. I took a shuttle from O'Hare to Midway. Between the time I got to Midway and my flight, a huge thunderstorm hit that affected flights into and out of the airport. I had arrived around noon. I was supposed to leave around 5:00. I didn't leave until midnight. And there was the jet lag. Perhaps that was an omen. I felt kind of out of sorts for about a year after we arrived.

At any rate, here I am, waiting to fly into grad school city. I've got plans galore with friends galore and I'm really looking forward to it. There will be pictures, of course.