Sunday, January 08, 2006

Screenless Saturday

Wasn't quite screenless. I spent about 4 hours or so writing (in front of a screen). I watched Airplane! with the kids for a bit while I had my coffee. After the kids went to bed, I watched Dances with Wolves. If I'd had a good book to read, I think I wouldn't have watched the movies.

I finished the proposal. I'm finishing up the citations and the bibliography and sending it off. It's not perfect, but I could probably work on it forever and still not be satisfied. Since I'll be conferencing most of next week, I think I will mostly take the week off writing. I'll do some reading, continue gathering sources. I'm not entirely sure I like my chapter organization, but I think it will work for now. It's the third chapter I'm unsure about, mostly a write-up of some results and tying in to theories presented in the second chapter. It's the most complex chapter, but potentially the most fun, if I don't get too bogged down.

So, it was an interesting non-screenless-screenless day. I guess it was really a non-internet day.