Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lawrence Summers: One Year Later

It's been about a year since the whole Lawrence Summers fiasco, which was perhaps my first contentious debate in the blog world. Sexism is, unfortunately, alive and well. I haven't bothered to what's up with Summers these days. I heard he started some study of women in science.

Vegankid, in the comments to the delurking day, suggested we have a Blog Against Sexism day on March 8th. I'm all for that. I've had some recent sexist experiences that make me want to say more about it. I was listening to Diggnation, a podcast by some Digg.com's users. Initially, I liked the show because the guys were drinking beer and talking about technology, two of my very favorite things together, like a Reeses cup. So the first show was fine, but the second show. The second show I couldn't stomach. And it wasn't a "I'm so pissed off" kind of feeling, but like I'd just been discounted as a human being. They spent a great deal of time talking about how hot a woman from Godaddy was--a lot of time. Then, they mentioned that a guy came up to them and asked if they could throw in some garden stuff so his wife would listen to the show. And they said, well, it's pretty much a sausage-fest around here. And went on blabbering about how "manly" they were. It was just gross.

On the flip side, I've been thinking about my own reactions to the fact that the tech world is predominantly male. Sometimes, I may react too vehemently, bordering on my own version of sexism. I'd like to let that idea simmer for a while and see what happens.

So anyway, if anyone's interested, let me know and we'll get something going. For starters, here's a technorati tag: