Monday, January 30, 2006

In the library

So the deal that Mr. Geeky and I struck was that two days a week, I would stay after work and come over to the library to work. Today is the first night doing this. I don't hang around the campus normally at night, so was unaware of the customs. First, besides the dining halls, there is nothing open food-wise until 8 p.m. Second, there is no one in the library during the dinner hours. It's eerily quiet in here. Right now, I'm sitting in the library cafe, charging my computer. There are two other people here reading. Based on my eavesdropping, I think they are actually loitering around waiting for some event or other to start.

The library cafe is not a bad place, but the rest of the library--kind of depressing. The furniture is decades old. The carpets are dirty. I'm trying to ignore all that and pretend I'm in the Bodleian or something.

Anyway, I worked for about an hour before I went in search of food and I will head up to work again in a few moments. This is certainly the lonely part.