Monday, January 16, 2006

Days off

So I'm off because it's MLK day, a day which my school does not recognize as a holiday. There are events and special meals, but we all have to slog into work unless, like me, you take a personal day. We also don't really recognize Labor Day as a holiday. Classes usually begin on that day and if you have anything to do with supporting students and faculty you don't really get to take that day. The irony of a women's college that doesn't really support days meant to recognize the "invisible" seems to escape the upper levels of administration. I was just reading over a Quod Shee about the inflexibility of the academic schedule and today is a good example of that. I'm here at home (and yes, still in jammies) because Mr. Geeky teaches today and well, you can't just skip one of a limited number of classes.

So anyway, I'm here and I have work to do. It won't really be a day off. I'll be doing household chores I was too lazy to do over the weekend, some reading for the dissertation, maybe some writing for the dissertation, and officially getting registered for dissertation hours and that adminstrative stuff which I couldn't do last week because I was gone. That last bit could get really complicated and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm thankful for at least the flexibility of the time today even if the day itself was caused by the inflexibility of the academic calendar.