Monday, January 16, 2006

Attempting to register

Update: Success!! I had to email someone and hadn't heard from them and just thought I'd try to register again and bingo!! Yay! It's official now.

Well, everything was going swimmingly for a while. I had obtained the necessary logins, logged in to make sure it worked. I calculated how many hours I needed, asked for clarification from our Graduate Studies director who got back to me very quickly. I then attempted to register and got an error, so I'm waiting to hear back again. It definitely could have been much, much worse. The interface for the system (PeopleSoft) totally sucks, but since I'm used to working with it, I understand it. And at least it recognized me and had all my records, so really this is just a minor bump in the road. I still have a couple of forms to file, but those have to be done by mail.

Oh, and the cost--quite expensive, but I think I can manage.