Friday, December 16, 2005

Yay! Friday!

Not only is it Friday, but it's my last day until January 3rd. Hooray! Hooray! I will have a million things to do when I return, but I will do my best not to think about it. I'm trying to finish my proposal next week, which I think is completely doable. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I really appreciate everyone who stopped by and gave me feedback on my rough thoughts. Mr. Geeky was laughing at me last night because I was reading a collection of articles (most of which I have read before) and I said, "I can't wait to get to the one on audience. It looks interesting and I haven't read it before." He said, "You're sick. You deserve a Ph.D."

No one will be in the office today. It should be really quiet and low key. I have a few things to finish up, but not much. I'll listen to Christmas music--yay! People will probably stop by and chat. Actually, the whole week has been fairly low key. Though it's been a little busy, there has still been a lot of talking, mostly about our work at a high level. Various people have stopped by to chat about the future of technology and education. It's been fun. And that's really why I like my job. I get to have these conversations and call it work.

Next week, I'll write and bake and shop for presents. I'll watch movies and read. Finally, a real break.