Monday, December 19, 2005


It's official. I have a cold. I've had it all weekend, but last night, I became a little stuffier, a little runnier. I actually don't mind having a cold as long as it's feverless (which probably means it's the flu; hey, I'm not a doctor). I don't get sick very often, once or twice a year. Ironically, it's almost always right before or during Christmas. There have been a couple of Christmas's where I have been very sick, made worse by the drugs I chose to take to keep the illness at bay. I think this will be gone by Christmas and even if it's not, it's not so bad. I can't smell the tree or the cookies, at least not until the Sudafed kicks in, but I'm still very functional. Yet, I have a good excuse not to be. Best of both worlds, really.

The kids have a half day today. I'm going to try to finish off the rough draft of my proposal this morning. I have presents to mail and a couple more to wrap. I have grading to do. Our grades aren't due until after break. My plan is to grade one portfolio a day. So I'll try to get that done today too. And I have movies to watch: White Christmas and March of the Penguins. I'm trying to distract myself from things like this and this. To quote my favorite singer, "Oh what a world we live in."