Sunday, December 25, 2005

Peace and contentment followed by chaos

It truly has been a wonderful Christmas. Everyone seemed to receive the gifts they wanted and then some. The Geeky Kids got electronics out the wazoo. Geeky Boy got both the Nintendo DS and the PSP (thanks to some overly generous grandparents). He also got science stuff--microscope, Discovery channel videos, and a "gross science" kit. I was really glad we balanced out Geeky Girl's "girly" gifts from the grandparents with the Star Wars action figures. My dad also got her a solar system kit to hang from her ceiling. She spent an equal amount of time playing with Barbies, playing Nintendo with her brother and playing with the action figures.

Mr. Geeky built his own computer, my gift to him (which he bought himself). I got a new coffee pot and speakers for my iPod. The living room is covered in toys and bits and pieces of packaging. Every time I go through I pick up more stuff.

Tomorrow, I begin taming the chaos and go back to work a little. It's been nice to lie around and not do anything. Now that there are no more errands to run, presents to wrap or dinners to plan, I can settle into a semi-relaxed routine until work begins again in full on Jan. 3. I have some things I need to write and some things I want to write. I can't tame all the chaos. The place was pretty chaotic before the added chaos of the holiday.

I haven't gotten pictures up yet because I can't find the cable. I could use the card reader, but it's in my office which is cold (no insulation) and has its own form of chaos that needs to be tamed (and that's what I'm going to tackle tomorrow). So, I promise I'll get something up tomorrow. Scrivener's got some cute ones up. Anyone else?