Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Today's agenda: back-to-back meetings until 4:00. This seriously sucks. It's the end of the semester and people are trying to cram everything in I guess. At least one of these meetings, I called myself. I also have phone calls I need to make--first thing, I guess, before the meetings start. Gah. I realized that tomorrow, the kids get out early and neither me nor Mr. Geeky can get to them until about two hours after they get out. Will have to call a neighbor. Double gah. Parent-teacher conferences tomorrow and Friday, which will be filled with homework issues--yes, again. And can I say that my reaction to the homework issues is not good? Given that I don't think homework really helps Geeky Boy learn, I just kind of blow it off and think the teachers have their panties in a wad and just want to make sure their school ranking doesn't drop. Cynically, I think they don't really care about whether he's learning, but about whether he's following the rules. I don't want a kid who just works because someone else tells him to. Did I mention that he aces tests, including the state ones? Remind me again why there's homework? Work ethic, my butt. Geeky Boy has a better work ethic than most of his friends as far as I can tell, so there.

I started thinking about next semester when I woke up this morning. I have a major project/event every month. Witness:
  • January--conference presentation
  • February--conference I'm organizing
  • March--SXSW (fun, but still an event)
  • April--online conference presentation
  • May--summer program I run begins
Gah. Oh, and I'm writing a dissertation. Right. Okay. Moving along now. It'll be okay.