Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve!

Mr. Geeky woke me up at 7:30 this morning because he's so excited. He's worse than the kids. Geeky Boy brought down his Playstation, another tradtion for us. We all play games together. Today will be filled with baking and cooking, Christmas music, puzzle working, video games, and general merriment.

Those of you who have time to stop by, I have a question. What's the worst gift you've gotten for Christmas? The best?

The worst gift I ever got was a shop vac. The best was a case of different kinds of holiday beer. Ironically, both came from the same person. Share away and I'll post the results later.

Update: Some results:

Best gifts:
tickets to Cirque de Soleil
dance lessons
stereo system
Pilsbury Dough boy magnets
pair of 1/4 ct. diamond earrings
part of a car
engagement ring plus proposal to go with it

Worst gifts:
automated change sorter
indoor electric grill
pizza-shaped tupperware
the flu
library book
pink t-shirt with rainbow of hearts
5 gallon tins of stale popcorn
an aquarium, completely empty
sewing machine with all the accoutrements

You have to read the comments below to see all the stories that go with these. Keep em coming if you wish. Maybe all you parents up late putting together toys would like to chip in.