Saturday, November 05, 2005

What are Saturdays for?

Apparently Blogger is down for a couple of hours. Dang! I had all these things bookmarked and was all ready to share with the world. Well, the world will have to wait a bit, I guess.

Let's see. There are riots and violent protests.

We have an extraordinarily conservative nominee to the Supreme Court.

Let's throw in some torture.

In a sort of good news/bad news kind of way, there are a couple of items about the regulation, or lack thereof, of the internet.

Of course, I'm not even including the war in Iraq, the Valerie Plame leak, the poor handling of natural disasters which continue to have repercussions for everyone, and the avian bird flu scare.

No, what I'm concerned about now is that I developed an insta-cold last night which I'm keeping in check with sudafed. I've adopted a child for the afternoon, so there is an extra voice in the house. I'm awaiting the delivery of my groceries because I only had enough coffee left for a single. cup. of. coffee. I spent the morning at a soccer game and I have to do it again tomorrow. A woman spent ten minutes complaining to me about the coach's wife. Like I care. I'm also trying to figure out where the plot of my nanowrimo novel is going. I have tons and tons of laundry to do. What I want to do is take a bath and then a nap. Oh, and did I mention I have plans to take the kids to the movie tonight. I'm insane.

Update: Movie is out; we all decided we were too tired. The cold seems to be gone; what's up with that? Groceries arrived. There will be coffee in the morning. Good thing since none of the laundry got done.